Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome Back

It's only the first week in August, but our kids started back to school this week.  I sent the last of my 4 children off to kindergarten this year.  He was really excited to go & wanted to ride the bus the first day.  I had to tell him that it's mommy's tradition to take everyone into school the first day.  On the way to school he assured me that I didn't have to walk him into class.  Again, I told him that it was tradition for mommy to walk them to class the first day of kindergarten.  Once we  hit the door, he told me that I could go..... I was trying really hard to relish my last "kindergarten moment". 

He did tell me that he missed me during the day & a teacher had to help him feel better - not that I want him to feel sad, but at least he's not completely over me.

Coming home....

In celebration of our 1st week of school, we are having a back to school sell on our site.  You will receive 10% off your entire order when you enter code school08 at checkout.  

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