Monday, November 24, 2008

The perfect gift

As our daughter gets older is becomes a little more challenging to find those "things" she likes & still keep within a budget. One item she continually asks for, is "more jewelry." Whether it's earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, she is always wanting more to coordinate with her different colored outfits.
Shopping at My Mommy's Bracelets makes for a convenient one stop shop. She can tell me which items she likes & I can decide what I will surprise her with. I just might find something for myself as well!

They've got personalized Mothers Bracelets (also known as Mommy Bracelets), Baby or Girls Bracelets, Grandmothers Bracelets, Awareness Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, or just jewelry for a special occasion. Their jewelry designs are currently carried in both retail and online stores and recently opened two more online stores: Once Upon A Wardrobe and Baby Girl Bracelets which specializes in baby and little girl jewelry.

They offer FREE 1st class shipping on all items, and in the month of December they are offering free priority shipping with orders over $100.00 - use code PM100 at checkout to receive your discount.

Happy Holidays!

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