Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here Comes Santa Clause

It has always been an unspoken rule in our house that to receive gifts you must believe in Santa Claus, and that he is the giver of gifts under the tree Christmas morning. As each child has gotten older they always bestow this belief onto their younger siblings. It is always a fun time to prepare for Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve with a reading of the "Christmas Story" in the Bible(the real reason for the season) & placing the cookies on the plate for Santa to receive after unloading our gifts.

There is a great site called Capture The Magic that helps keep this belief in Santa alive with wonderful photos of Santa in your own home. Here is a short press release with additional information:

“An enterprising team of Santa’s elves has launched a clever Web site for the Holiday Season that will bring smiles of joy and wonder to millions of children, and help parents make this coming Christmas morning unforgettable. With a simple, three-step process, allows parents to upload a photo of their living room decorated for Christmas, drag and drop in a stunningly perfect image of Santa (over 200 poses to chose from) to share with children on Christmas morning.

‘Kids will go crazy with excitement when they see proof that Santa was in their home kneeling next to the Christmas tree,’ said James Hallihan, a real life elf who created the innovative site after recognizing the curiosity and fascination about Santa with his own children, Brooke, age 6 and her brother Chip, age 2. His first prototype of the new technology was created last year and his daughter loved it so much that he turned the idea into a company.

Over the past year, Hallihan and his fellow elves have conducted extensive research about the magical beliefs of children. ‘Three out of four children under age 7 still believe in Santa Claus, and one percent never stop believing’ he says. ‘We’re on a mission for Santa to make more believers,” he adds with a grin.”

Livin With Me is hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a picture of Santa in your own home. Whether it's inside, outside, in the kitchen or livingroom, you will have proof that Santa was there. Giveaway ends December 23 at midnight, so hurry on over to Livin With Me and enter to win this fun prize!

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