Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

I am reading "The Time Keeper" and am fascinated by the thought provoking text each line in the book seems to create in my mind. It definitely makes the reader think about life and each minute that is given.

A few of my favorite quotes:

"You marked the minutes, but did you use them wisely? To be still? To cherish? To be grateful? To lift and be lifted?"

"It's never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be."

"Soon man will count all his days, and then smaller segments of the day, and then smaller still--until the counting consumes him, and the wonder of the world he has been given is lost."

"There is a reason God limits man's days."

"What is the reason?" "Finish your journey and you will know."

What are we doing with the time we've been given? If you haven't read the book, I highly recommend it. It has been an inspirational and eye-opening read.

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